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Eyeko Nail Polishes

Emerald Sparkled is hosting a giveaway for SIX Eyeko nail polishes of your choice. If you’re interested, and you know you are, get over there and leave a comment! Click on the graphic to take you there!


Beauty and Makeup

Inspired? You bet your ass I’m inspired!

I love this whole post at ” Color Me Inspired…” (the ellipsis [series of periods] is part of the title). Her philosophy on beauty and makeup IS inspiring. If you believe this way, then you know you are beautiful already.

See, regarding makeup in fashion, it’s not about making anyone pretty or beautiful. It’s building off and transforming the beauty that’s already there. Notice I said nothing about enhancing, for transformation is what’s key. Most fashion models seem to be interesting looking and have chameleon like capabilities.

We shouldn’t be using cosmetics to “make ourselves beautiful”, or even “enhance ourselves”.  The way I would restate what she is saying is that we are transforming ourselves into the character we wish to play for that day, or the feeling or image we wish to represent… (my ellipsis. lol) but the beautiful foundation is already there to build upon.

Go read “Creation”! And click around and check out some of the amazing makeup she has done.

Another Great Giveaway

At Beauty Ambition you may have a chance to win Urban Decays Book of Shadows Volume III, that’s the UD♥NYC palette with the great popup inside. Oh heck, I have the picture right here….

Urban Decay

Any makeup lover wants this, and if she already has it, she wants another to gift to her best friend, or keep as a backup. 😉  The deadline is December 3rd, so go and get your entry in ASAP! Just click on the graphic to go there.

A ~Not~ Beauty Related Post

One of the things I hate to see is people talking on their cellphone while driving. I have seen some near crashes, and a man talking on his cellphone rear ended my husband at one time.  Thank God no one was injured. Even though you do not need your eyes while talking on the phone, your attention is not where it should be. I’ve even noticed this when I am driving in an area I don’t know well, when I need to be alert to navigate, watch for signs, and follow directions, that I must turn off the radio. That divides my attention and slows my reaction time when I need it.

The Bangalore Traffic Police (India) created a very graphic set of advertising posters about the dangers of talking on cellphones while driving. The two I have below are from Advertolog, an advertising website where I learned about this ad campaign.

Talk them dead

Talk them dead

Interesting twist here, instead of targeting the drivers, it targets the people on the other end of the line. It’s very clever once you think about it. Those drivers couldn’t be talking on their cellphones while driving without someone willing to speak to them. If you know your loved one is driving, get off the phone. Do you really want to hear the screeching of the brakes, crunching metal, and screams? If you do not, then your call can wait until your loved one is safely parked.

Here is the Advertolog post that this post is referencing.


OMG! These look so fun and adorable. First, let me give you a little bit of background, many many years ago when my youngest son was in grade school, he was nuts for Pokemon on Gameboy and had several of the games. Well, I’m a night owl. I’ve always had insomnia to some extent and rarely go to bed before at least 1 or 2am. To help my baby out, I would sometimes level his Pokemon up late at night, and then I got hooked. The game really is addictively fun. Now my baby is a man, he’s 17 and a senior in high school. He told me that sometimes he does still dig out his gameboy and Pokemon games and plays a bit anyway. lol

My baybeeeeeeeThis is my baby about 2 – 3 years ago, and yes, that’s a real tiger cub he’s holding.

Now Shiro Cosmetics has gone and made eyeshadow pigments named after Pokemon characters, the colors look vibrant and gorgeous and I want these so much! I will have to wait until after the holidays to order the set I want, but THESE WILL BE MINE! If you don’t want to wait, then click on the graphic below to go to Shiro Cosmetics Etsy site.

The Super Effective Collection…I even love the name! It’s all just so adorable! lol

Merry Christmas!

Giveaway at All Made Up

Joy at All Made Up already has the holiday spirit and wants to wish her readers a very merry Christmas, with a wonderful giveaway featuring some of her favorite products. I must admit, I am completely and utterly impressed by her choices, even if they aren’t particularly holiday products. The woman who wins this prize will be lovely on Christmas day, especially since the giveaway ends on December 1st, leaving plenty of time for it to arrive before the holiday. Click on the graphic to head on over there.

OOOOoooo Ozotic’s Nail Polish!!!

Bec has me drooling all over my keyboard and for this I will never forgive her. Bleh, gooshy keyboard. She is having a giveaway, and the winner will receive not one, not two, SEVERAL bottles of Ozotics nail polish. Oh the duochromy and multichromy goodness, and holotasticness too. You’re drooling now too, aren’t you? Sorry about that!

The giveaway closes on December 5th, so quit dawdling and get your buns over there for the details on how you may enter to win! Clickety click on the graphic below.

Bec's Giveaway


Good luck! Hey wait, I want to win this one… bad luck to you! 😡

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