Blogging Advice: What you should NOT do.

I realize I’m a new beauty blogger, so what do I know? Well, let’s find out! While doing a Google search and just surfing around I came across this—see if you are as good a sleuth as I am and tell me what’s wrong with this picture—

My google search was for trends in nail colors, and I wound up on a website named Refinery 29 with an article entitled, “Grab Fall 2010’s Top Nail Polish Trends“. Once I read that, I went on to read another article on nail color trends, entitled, “Grab Fall 2010’s Top Nail Polish Trends“. Wow interesting that two different sites come up with the same title, isn’t it? I decided to read a few more articles on this second site, and while I’m at it, Google the titles just to see if this “coincidence” happens again…and would you believe, it does—

Over at the website Zebra Swag we have, “Trend Spot: Satin Pants” and this Mode Devoted site also has “Trend Spot: Satin Pants“.

At there is an article, “On Our Radar:  L’Wren Scott Footwear” and at Mode Devoted, “On Our Radar:  L’Wren Scott Footwear“.

From the Chic Fashionista we have, “Closet Organizing Step by Step Guide” and at Mode Devoted, “Closet Organizing Step by Step Guide“.

With only the exception of her few posts of her own outfit of the day, most of the content on this site is lifted from other sites, there is no credit given to either the author of the articles or the websites they originally came from. If you didn’t know any better you would think this woman is working hard day and night writing excellent articles about fashion. All she is doing is a few Google searches and cutting and pasting other people’s hard work.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zebraremovals
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 02:45:39

    Grrr I hate people that steal content.

    I think the whole internet comsists of about 100 articles all re-spun over and over.

    I write adverts and the content and tag lines get stolen all the time, I’ve een some adverts where I only realise it isn’t my company when I see the phone number.

    BTW was the Zebra mention that brought me here.

    Cheshire house removals and man and van services

  2. cheapthrillss
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 12:41:14

    I’m happy that you found your way here. As you can see, I am very new at this.

    I’ve been online for quite some time, but I never realized the extent of this problem. I have seen many people who use other’s photographs without permission and credit, and did it myself before I knew any better, but stealing whole articles? Sure, I’ve seen a few dodgy sites that do it, but now I know it’s a huge problem out there.

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