A ~Not~ Beauty Related Post

One of the things I hate to see is people talking on their cellphone while driving. I have seen some near crashes, and a man talking on his cellphone rear ended my husband at one time.  Thank God no one was injured. Even though you do not need your eyes while talking on the phone, your attention is not where it should be. I’ve even noticed this when I am driving in an area I don’t know well, when I need to be alert to navigate, watch for signs, and follow directions, that I must turn off the radio. That divides my attention and slows my reaction time when I need it.

The Bangalore Traffic Police (India) created a very graphic set of advertising posters about the dangers of talking on cellphones while driving. The two I have below are from Advertolog, an advertising website where I learned about this ad campaign.

Talk them dead

Talk them dead

Interesting twist here, instead of targeting the drivers, it targets the people on the other end of the line. It’s very clever once you think about it. Those drivers couldn’t be talking on their cellphones while driving without someone willing to speak to them. If you know your loved one is driving, get off the phone. Do you really want to hear the screeching of the brakes, crunching metal, and screams? If you do not, then your call can wait until your loved one is safely parked.

Here is the Advertolog post that this post is referencing.


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