Beauty and Makeup

Inspired? You bet your ass I’m inspired!

I love this whole post at ” Color Me Inspired…” (the ellipsis [series of periods] is part of the title). Her philosophy on beauty and makeup IS inspiring. If you believe this way, then you know you are beautiful already.

See, regarding makeup in fashion, it’s not about making anyone pretty or beautiful. It’s building off and transforming the beauty that’s already there. Notice I said nothing about enhancing, for transformation is what’s key. Most fashion models seem to be interesting looking and have chameleon like capabilities.

We shouldn’t be using cosmetics to “make ourselves beautiful”, or even “enhance ourselves”.  The way I would restate what she is saying is that we are transforming ourselves into the character we wish to play for that day, or the feeling or image we wish to represent… (my ellipsis. lol) but the beautiful foundation is already there to build upon.

Go read “Creation”! And click around and check out some of the amazing makeup she has done.



OMG! These look so fun and adorable. First, let me give you a little bit of background, many many years ago when my youngest son was in grade school, he was nuts for Pokemon on Gameboy and had several of the games. Well, I’m a night owl. I’ve always had insomnia to some extent and rarely go to bed before at least 1 or 2am. To help my baby out, I would sometimes level his Pokemon up late at night, and then I got hooked. The game really is addictively fun. Now my baby is a man, he’s 17 and a senior in high school. He told me that sometimes he does still dig out his gameboy and Pokemon games and plays a bit anyway. lol

My baybeeeeeeeThis is my baby about 2 – 3 years ago, and yes, that’s a real tiger cub he’s holding.

Now Shiro Cosmetics has gone and made eyeshadow pigments named after Pokemon characters, the colors look vibrant and gorgeous and I want these so much! I will have to wait until after the holidays to order the set I want, but THESE WILL BE MINE! If you don’t want to wait, then click on the graphic below to go to Shiro Cosmetics Etsy site.

The Super Effective Collection…I even love the name! It’s all just so adorable! lol

Bookmark for Jessica at Hello, Gorgeous!

I really plan to use this blog as my home base, so unlike other blogs that are orientated towards the readership, which of course I want that too, I might have posts like this one.  Which is a bookmark for me and a reminder of why I want the bookmark in the first place! lol

At the moment, I plan on having the focus of this blog on budget beauty products, but lately I’ve been mostly obsessed with nail polish.  While cruising around the nail blogs I come across brands I would like to try, but I’m cheap and don’t have much money, so I have to do a little research to find those brands at better prices.

One brand that universally gets high marks and nail bloggers rave about is Jessica… well, once they discover it.  There are some brands that are just harder to come by, if you don’t know about it, you can’t give it high marks!  Jessica sells for $7.50 at their website.  I know, now you’re saying, she really is cheap! Yes, I don’t like to pay any more than $5 for a polish, and much prefer the brands that sell for $3 or less. I am that cheap.

One of my regular stops while drooling over polish is Body & Soul, and it’s there that Mary mentioned that she sometimes buys Jessica at Hello, Gorgeous! That’s my bookmark, when I get a few dollars together I’d like to make a little Jessica haul from Hello, Gorgeous! where they are almost always on sale for only $4.95 each with flat rate shipping also set at $4.95.

All the links to Jessica are set to the part of the website that shows the nail colors in the bottle.  It seems to me that these are the closest true to life representations of the colors, but you can also check them out in little swatch blobs.  I’d also suggest just going to different nail blogs or google to see some swatches on nails. But as I said, this brand isn’t the best known, and you might miss out on a color that is perfect for you since there aren’t swatches of it on a blog or in google.  That’s when you take a chance on the bottle or blob swatches at the Jessica Cosmetics site.